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MVCSM is an autonomus institution Reg. Under Society & GOVT. OF NCT, New Delhi. Since 5 years success various commercial training programs our society decided to work in information and technology for all India to 2020 given the slogan by the Indian Govt.
And fulfill the requirement of employement of 22 lac in IT technologist and more than other 10 ancillary requirement of computer operator in important role in the mission Govt.

MVCSM is an approved projects initiated by MVC educational and social welfare society registered under Govt. Of India Nct, New Delhi Through the Govt. Is taking major steps Influencing the computer education can not be denied. After a through survey It was found that there is a lot of awareness of computer even in the remotest of areasbut the general public can not be equipped with the art firstly due to unaffordable charge laid down by big private computer center and also that the general public have some misconceptions in their minds about learning computer.

¶ Certificate in Office Automation
¶ Certificate financial Accounting
¶ Diploma in Computer Application
¶ Diploma in Computer pRogramming
¶ Desktop Publishing
¶ Advance Diploma in Computer Application
¶ Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

¶ Diploma in computer Hardware
¶ Advance Diploma in computer Hardware
and Networking
¶ Computer Teacher Training
¶ University's Courses
BA, BSc, BCom, BCA, BBA, etc.
Sataguru Puram Colony,
Iradat Nagar Road,
Shamsabad, Agra.
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